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The town of Langenlois


The small town of Langenlois (approximately 7000 inhabitants) is located in Lower Austria, 10 km north of the district capital of Krems an der Donau. It is also right at the gate to the valley of the river Kamp.

Langenlois may claim to be the largest wine growing town in Austria as 2000 hectares are covered by vineyards. It is also the centre of the wine growing region “KAMPTAL“. Getting to Langenlois is easy, both by train and by bus. The distance to Austria's capital Vienna is 75 km and the distance to the capital of Lower Austria St.Pölten is 40 km.

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The history of the Horticultural School Langenlois



A Vocational Horticultural School is established by the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Austria, its financial supporter, in Langenlois-Haindorf.


Opening, establishing, setting up of “Landeskursstätte für Obst-, Wein- und Gartenbau”, today´s school building by the government of Lower Austria. Moving of the Vocational Horticultural School into the new building and building of a training nursery along the street called “AM ROSENHÜGEL”.


Starting of the Secondary Horticultural College which lasts 4 years


Building (phase 1) of the training nursery Haindorf


Opening of the newly-built boarding school and of the converted school building


Setting up of a 8-month master course in horticulture


Establishing of the Association of Alumni (BAV - Bildungs- und Absolventen -Verein der Gartenbauberufe which is responsible for the organisation of further education for adults.


Building and extension (phase 2) of the training nursery Haindorf

Building of training yard for the landscape gardening department

Building of a multi-purpose show greenhouse (we call it “GREENHOUSE”) for the department of interior landscape gardening


Re-designing and building of the training and show gardens “AM ROSENHÜGEL”


Legal Body

 The provincial government of Lower Austria is the legal body.
Amt der NÖ Landesregierung, Landhausplatz 1, A-3109 St.Pölten, Department of Agricultural Education (LF 2)
Frauentorgassse 72-74
A-3430 Tulln


Legal Basis

  • School law in Agriculture of Lower Austria - Niederösterreichisches Landwirtschaftliches Schulgesetz, LGBl. 5025-7
  • Niederösterreichische Landwirtschaftliche Schulorganisationsverordnung, LGBl. 5025/1-5

Financial provisions

  • Budget by the government of Lower Austria
  • annual budget ca. € 650.000,--

Who works at the “Horticultural Schools Langenlois“

  • 32 teachers on a full-time basis
  • 40 employees in the boarding school, training nursery and maintenance department
  • staff of four in the office (secretaries, accountant)


Where do we work and live in

  • School building: 9 class rooms, varied special class rooms such as IT rooms, work rooms for floristry or science of machinery in horticulture
  • 1 seminar room with an adjacent guesthouse accommodation 20 people (double rooms)
  • a festival hall for approx. 350 people
  • training building for the landscape gardening department: class room, hall for practical demonstrations and practical training, hall for machinery and tools, a garage, wood workshop
  • training nursery for the practical training in the fields of ornamental plant gardening, vegetable gardening, tree-nursery and fruit growing
  • boarding school with 48 rooms accommodating up to 4 students, meeting rooms for spending time after school, working-out room, gymnasium, conservatory called “GREENHOUSE“
  • laboratories for the wine-growers (also for virus control)


The acreage of school


School building and boarding school with surrounding gardens

2.0 ha

Show- and training gardens “AM ROSENHÜGEL”

0,4 ha

Tree nursery

1,8 ha

Vegetable nursery (glass houses and fields)

0,9 ha

Ornamental plant nursery (glass houses and open fields)

0,7 ha

Orchards (partially leased)

9,4 ha

Vineyards (since 1995 leased to local vinemakers)

3,1 ha



Plan of the school area


Plan of the school area